About us

Here at Fowler Penfold Property Insurance (still privately owned and truly independent of outside interference), we pride ourselves on providing a consistently high level of service and professionalism, our continued growth pays testament to that fact.

We sincerely believe in long term and sustainable relationships based on mutual profitability between us, our client and our chosen insurer.

With this in mind we understand that insurance is not your main income source but without your portfolio being run efficiently it will leak significant resources that you can ill afford.

We are the type of partner that understands you occasionally need help dealing with 'difficult properties' whether that is flexibility on our services, rates or commissions, these can be tailored to ensure a smoother and richer approach for your clients giving you the confidence that we can work well together in an environment of trust and belief.

Key to the success of this partnership towards your Property Owners insurance portfolio is:

For both new and existing customers our objective is to improve the arrangement, performance, and consolidation of any corporate insurance portfolio. We also advocate that all insurance products are impeccably managed, producing a service that can be easily understood and evaluated. Our proven record to innovate risk management and efficient claims service, together with our ability to anticipate the changing needs of business provides the confidence to choose Fowler Penfold as the definitive corporate insurance solution. Much of our work is based on identifying a company's individual needs and delivering a personal service to suit all of their requirements.